Best Sleep to Lose Weight Program Review

Get into the best shape of your short life on the new Sleeping journey. This diet will have you discover interesting method to lose unwanted belly naturally and safely while you sleep. Sleeping your way to Runway.

Dan Garner and Todd Lamb designed this program to eliminate sleep problems and unleash body’s full potential in burning fat with Sequential Shutdown Method(SSM). Dan is a Nutrition Coach and Lab Analyst at New Wave Fitness. Also the Best-Selling Author. He has over 12 top certifications in nutrition from reputable institutions.

The Program called ” EAT SLEEP BURN”. it aimed to improve lifestyle of each individual and improve sleep cycle. Therefore it includes exercises that are easy to follow. It’s a 30 days program that you can sleep, eat, lose weight and repeat. During the program, you’ll also learn a secret Tea Recipe to perfect your deep sleep.

Sequential Shutdown Method(SSM) is scientifically proven and involves 3 steps protocol which are;

  1. 10 Rules of Getting Perfect Deep Sleep
  2. Exercise Ritual to achieve weight loss goal
  3. Advanced Ritual if anyone wants to lose belly fat in long term term

This program come packed with this incredibly sleep technique yet deceptively lose weight exercise that will make you sleep faster and look a lot better.

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