Best Sleep Tracker you don’t wear

best sleep tracker

Hate having things on your wrist while you’re asleep? Enjoy a deep sleep when your head hit your pillow by slipping into this Withings Sleep – Sleep Tracking Pad Under The Mattress with Sleep Cycle Analysis. It can monitor your sleep by tracking your heart rates, detect snoring and giving details that can improve your deep sleep cycle. The algorithms designed by Sleep Specialist and help enhance better sleep environment; lights, temperature.

Sleep Monitoring

  • Improve deep sleep cycle
  • Track heart rate
  • Detect snoring
  • Detect breathing disturbances

Analyse Breathing Pattern

  • Data from Sleep Specialist
  • Track Breathing Pattern
  • Track Breathing Pauses
  • Get daily sleep score
adjust sleep environment

Better Sleep Environment

  • Control light
  • Control Temperature
  • Easy Setup Home Automation
  • Sensor under mattress

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