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When you’re feeling blue, sing a song! Incidentally, did you ever observe that every major faith involves singing? Singing gets you taking a breath deeply and slowly, which are precisely the 2 correct characteristics that let proper gas exchange happen. Religions wish you to be content when you’re in your church service, mosque or temple, so you’ll continue going there. Surely, songs do more than make you take a breath properly, but it keeps your mind calm and relax. Why don’t you try learning how to sing before bed?

If meditation is too slow for you, learning how to sing yourself to sleep by breathing correctly can help you being more present, feeling calm and finally help you sleep better. If you wonder what is the best way to fall asleep faster, you should learn to breathe better. When you are aware of the present, you’re more calm. Then you can dive into your deep sleep.

In the west, we believe that each breath begins with inhaling. However Yogis claim that each breath begins with exhaling. As if you’ve a glass of muddied water, and wish to fill it with clean water instead… you first must empty the glass.  So begin right now by exhaling really slowly and totally. At the end, contract your tummy muscles to truly thrust out every last morsel of air. 

Then simply hold your breath for a couple of moments with empty lungs. Once you begin feeling a physical impulse to inhale again, go for it! Ideally, you’ll be beginning each breath with your stomach. This demonstrates that you’re taking a breath with your diaphragm, which is a sort of muscular wall between your chest and your tummy. 

If you take a breath only by enlarging your chest, you’re vastly under using your lung capability. Taking a breath with your diaphragm isn’t only the simplest way to get air into your lungs; it likewise helps to get older blood from all over your body back into the heart. Your heart thrusts out the fresh blood. Your diaphragm brings in the utilized blood. So breathing suitable deep breaths is the most beneficial way to prevent a whole bunch of vein issues. 

For me learning how to sing is a fun activity to do before bed. Not only it improves my breathing during sleep, it improves my sleep cycle.

Sing Better, Breathe Better, Sleep Better

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