Top 10 Tips: How do I get rid of insomnia headache?

Most headaches are preventable. Even though the lack of sleep can trigger headaches and migraines, there is no need to endure the pain when you really have an option. Follow the tips given below and you will be amazed to find that there are ways to get rid of insomnia headache.

Top 10 tips to get rid of Insomnia Headache

  1. Do not read when you are lying down. The lying down posture is clearly not the best position to read. It is a very common thing for a person to flop down on the bed with a book and read it while lying down. In fact, many people make it a habit to read for a few minutes before going to sleep. If you must read, prop up your head with at least two pillows. If you find it impossible to read while you are in bed, the best thing that you can do is prop up your head with a couple of pillows. Pillows give support to your head and neck so that your head is in a partially raised position. This will cause less harm to your eyes and your head in general.
  2. Read in a well lighted room. The lighting of your room too is very important. A properly lighted room is what is required if you want to read, do needle work or any other such fine activity. Again too much light is just as bad as a dimly lit room.
  3. Use Screen Protection for Laptop. If your job requires long hours in front of the computer, you may want to consider buying a screen protection that clips on the monitor. This screen protection reduces the eye-strain caused by staring at the computer screen, and thus reduces headaches. Do not work continuously on your computer for more than half an hour. This in fact is a very relative concept because some people tire faster than other when working on the computer. Computer screens emit radiation, so the less time in front of the computer, the better.
  4. Do Breathing Exercises. Breathing exercises help you breathe better and release the toxins in your brain. The human body takes in a lot of toxic substances, both through the air and through food and drink. Apart from this, various toxins are also released in the body as a result of the various processes that are going on. These toxins have to be released on a continuous basis or else they will accumulate in the body with serious results. One of the best ways of releasing these toxins is by means of exhaling while breathing. One funny fact is that most of do not breathe properly. Just take a look at the picture like this. With each breath that we take, we take in oxygen. This oxygen is carried by the blood to every cell of the body and every cell must indeed get enough oxygen not just to survive but to remain healthy as well. So it is imperative that we make an honest attempt to breathe properly.
  5. Use right pillow. Use a pillow that is not too thick to rest your head. If the pillow that you are using is too thick, you will be straining you neck muscles when you are asleep. If the neck muscles are taught for too long, they will become stiff and this often precipitates as a headache.
  6. Free your mind from worries. Try to keep your mind free from worries. Listening to music or taking a nap is a good way to clear the mind. If you feel stressed up, try to relax. Scented candles, warm bathes, and soothing music may help you relax and get rid of insomnia headache.
  7. Try to get a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is very important to keep away headaches. “Sleep is one of the most basic and universal activities in which we all engage. Yet, getting to sleep, staying asleep, and waking refreshed can be highly elusive to most of us some of the time, and many of us all of the time.” The National Sleep Foundation reports (2002) that America is on the verge of a poor sleep epidemic, characterized by the following eye-opening statistics: 64% of American adults get less than the eight hours of sleep that experts recommend is required to maintain optimal physical, mental, and emotional health.
  8. Stay away from sedatives. Sedatives are not a solution to your sleep problems. Many of them are addictive and their medicine will eventually stop working for you. Sedatives also affect the time that you wake up. You might get a good night’s sleep when you take sedatives, but the chances are rare that you will wake up refreshed.
  9. Don’t depend your life on Pills. Each time you get a headache do not reach for your aspirin. Some headaches go by themselves. Do not make you body dependent on aspirin. When you can’t sleep, don’t try to reach for sleeping pills every time, try breathing techniques first or sipping warm chamomile tea or warm milk first.
  10. Stay away from loud noise. Use ear plugs, ear muffs or thick wads of cotton. Most grocery stores and convenience stores carry sound-reducing and sound-blocking earplugs, many of which are not too noticeable.

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