Why do I have Insomnia after surgery?

insomnia after surgery

Pain after surgery can generally be defined as an unpleasant feeling. This is normally transmitted to the brain through the neurotic system. Once pain experienced in any part of the body, the signals are transmitted to the brain and interpreted as pain. This is what creates the physical awareness of the feeling and causes the person to react. This response can be physical or even emotional and pain after surgery commonly affect your sleep cycle. It make you uncomfortable to sleep well during the night.

Pain may occur due to an injury like a broken limb, a stabbing wound, a cut, a tear of the skin and a number of other injuries followed by minor or major surgery. The intensity of the pain may depend on the type of the injury. Pain also be brought by psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety which is the main cause of Insomnia.

Why do I have Insomnia after surgery?

According to the research about pain and insomnia, sleep disorders commonly stay around 7 days of the surgery. Insomnia symptom includes short sleep cycle, can’t get into deep sleep and rapid eye movement.

If you wonder why do I have insomnia after surgery, pain might be the major villain. There are more symptoms that normally occur as a result of the pain. These include disability, insomnia, fatigue, low immunity, mood changes. All these symptoms will go away once the cause of the pain is established and subsequently eradicated. 

Tips on how to sleep well after surgery

  1. Check your Sleep Posture: Your sleeping posture will also contribute to aggravating or controlling your pain. If you want to sleep well, you have to sleep on your side. Try and bend your knees slightly and put a pillow between them.
  2. Choose Right Mattress: It is very important that you sleep on the right type of mattresses. This has to be firm enough so as to provide your back with adequate support. Using a bad mattress is one of the factors that contribute to back pains. 
  3. Eat and sleep right: This will help in making your immune system much stronger and therefore better prepared in fighting off sinus infections. Eating good food and getting plenty of rest also leaves your body well prepared in fighting off infections and therefore in minimizing pains. Avoid sugar foods as this will weaken your immune system and will worsen your insomnia.

The short term insomnia should say good bye to you after the pain of the surgery has gone. However, if you still have the lingering effect of stress and anxiety that cause insomnia, try meditating or yoga exercise or visit the Sleep Doctor.

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