5 Simple Techniques to Bedtime Meditation

Bedtime Meditation

Achieve your inner piece from the comfort of home with Best Bedtime Meditation. Some people believe that meditation is only a form of worship in some religion, but it’s actually benefit everyone with worries or with a monkey mind. During Bedtime Meditation, you can calm your mind&body before bed, be at peace, and connect.

What is Sleep Meditation?

Sleep Meditation is to mentally review in your mind about things that are unresolved or causing you problems 3-5 minutes before bed. At the end of the Sleep meditation, imagine the problems you’re having in a positive manner, and ask your subconscious to resolve the issue, you usually have a good answer upon waking up.

To really see results, use a more formal, deeper method of meditation, and practice on a daily basis.

Best Bedtime Meditation Technique

There are several methods of sleep meditation. Here’s the one that always has works well for beginners.

  1.  Find the right environment for meditation. Set aside time in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed. Place your journal and a pen/pencil close at hand. When you first begin meditating, you may prefer a darkened room, using a candle to keep your focus. Some people envision a bright star in their minds, but this is a bit more difficult to hold constant. Set comfortably but alertly in a comfortable chair or on a pillow on the floor. 
  2. Focus on something like on the candle flame or just empty your mind, and still your body. At first, you will find your mind taking control and wondering all over the place. This is normal.  When you realize that your mind is wondering out of control, just refocus on the candle flame and empty your mind again.  It takes practice over time to be able to keep your mind blank for any length of time. Focus until you’re no longer aware of your physical body.
  3. Refocus when you lose focus. Once you have your focus, speak one, two in your mind; one for breathing it, two for breathing out. Speaking of some words in your mind will be helpful at first. It keeps your attention on your source, controlling your wandering thoughts.
  4. Keep a meditation journal. After the meditation is over, immediately write down any experiences you had in your journal. Don’t worry if you didn’t feel that you had a “good” bedtime meditation —there is no such thing as a bad one. Something is accomplished at all meditations, whether you are aware of it or not. Just keep at it and observe your mind.
  5. Keep your experiences to yourself, especially in the beginning. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to explain and defend ideas and insights you were given with your ego. Again, just observe your mind and repeat the process.

Can meditation help with stress and anxiety?

If you find that you are having a difficult time handling life as it is being dished out to you, a meditation can help you to overcome the stress and anxiety that you might be feeling. Find a quiet place and relax. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This increases your focus on what important and kill stress well.

Sometimes you think you can’t sleep due to anxiety and stress. One of my favorite solutions to meditate is to imagine the scene where I am at my happiest or follow a good guided meditation so that my mind doesn’t wonder in my own forest of thought. For me, I like to visual tropical island where the warm waters are quietly lapping the shore in front of me and I am relaxing in the breeze underneath a shade tree. Absolutely everything that I am thinking about during the time that I am meditating is focused on that particular scene. I don’t allow any outside interruptions to occur and I find that this helps to reduce my stress considerably.

If you are able to effectively meditate, you can often change your overall pattern of thinking and help yourself to avoid the stress that may have been bothering you before. It seems like such a small thing to do, but if you do it regularly, it will benefit you now and for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is meditation before bed good?

Meditate is best activity before bed. It relax your mind and body at night which helps you to sleep faster, better, consistently. Study shows that it helps insomniac to stay asleep longer without waking up too early. Meditation also helps to reduces stress and anxiety.

How do you meditate in bed before bed?

Sit on a quiet space, close your eyes and focus on your breathing for 3-5 minutes before bed. If you love the experience, slowly increase the meditation time to 10-20 minutes. Once you know how to quiet your mind, you learn how to make better decision in life.

Is it OK to meditate at night?

It is perfect to do bedtime meditation at night or anytime you want. Meditation keeps your mind in good place and make you think clearer and sleep with less worry. This relaxation technique can be done 3-5 minute before bed.

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