Is honey good for Insomnia?

Is honey good for insomnia

Give yourself the perfect sleep and relaxation with some honey. Over the years honey has been proven to the one sustaining power behind the deep sleep. If you heard any Insomniac friends ask “Is honey is good for Insomnia?”, tell them Yes!. Honey has sleep-induced amino acid called tryptophan which makes you feel relaxed.

It is nature’s most natural energy booster. It also acts as an effective immunity system builder while providing the natural remedy and sleep inducing properties.  With great taste of honey, it can be used in herbal teas or mixed into warm milk. Honey with warm milk can double the tryptophan and increases amount of serotonin or Sleep Hormone.

Nutritionist revealed that people who have high fructose food like honey before bedtime, helps with digestion process, increase stamina and boost sleep hormone. This confirms the fact that honey can be Insomniac buddy as it comes with many benefits.

Besides its great taste, honey is also a natural source of carbohydrate, which is an energy maker for boosting performance, endurance and reducing levels of muscle fatigue. This is especially useful for athletes.

The sugar content in the honey helps to play a role in preventing fatigue during exercise sessions and also during training sessions for sports enthusiast. These sugar make ups are divided into glucose and fructose and functions in different but complimenting ways. 

The glucose content in the honey is generally absorbed at a faster rate and gives off an immediate energy boost while the fructose works at a slower pace for a more sustainable and prolonged energy dispersement. When it comes to addressing blood sugar levels in the body system, honey has been known to help keep the levels fairly constant. 

As honey is a pleasant food product and it’s natural in its form, consuming it is not a very difficult exercise. People of all ages are generally quite willing to consume honey in any of its accompanying forms. It’s even popular with children. 

The energy produced from consuming a small amount of honey daily helps children cope with the physical strains of daily school activities and sports commitments. For the adults too consuming a daily small dose of honey can go a long way in keeping the energy levels at its best during a demanding day at work. 

Making sandwiches with honey accompanied with other fillings is one way of creating a pleasant snack. Applying honey on a freshly toasted slice of bread is also a welcome breakfast alternative. Adding honey to drinks instead of using sugar is definitely encouraged. 

Raw organic bee products and honey are super nutritious foods. Royal jelly, for example, has the highest percentage of components that defy chemical analysis. What this means is there are nutrients in royal jelly that have not been discovered by science. Great food always come from nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take honey before bed?

Nutritionist recommend having 1 teaspoon of honey before bed is good. You can take honey with warm water, warm decaf tea or warm milk for better sleep inducing properties. Not only honey helps with sleeping condition, it also helps boosting your energy and recover sore throat.

How much honey a day is healthy?

Honey has great health benefits like sleep inducing, wound healing and blood antioxidant. However, you should enjoy honey in moderation as it still belongs to the sugar family. With sweetness of honey, Doctors suggests women should not get no more than 2 tablespoons of sugars and 3 tablespoons of sugar for men.

Can diabetic eat honey?

Honey and sugar will affect the blood sugar level. However, Honey has lower GI rate, the process of blood sugar rising might take time. Avoiding any form of sugar would be best for diabetic patient.

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