Can high blood pressure give you insomnia?

high blood pressure insomnia

Check these boxes if you have Severe headache, chest pain, unusual heartbeat. Sad news everyone – if you have symptoms above and find it difficult to sleep or can’t sleep well at night, scientists have discovered that High Blood Pressure is usually caused by Insomnia.

If there is one thing that many of us have to deal with on a regular basis, it’s stress. At a very early age, many of us begin to realize exactly how stressful life can be and it only seems to get worse with the passing of time. Family responsibilities, work responsibilities or the fear of uncertainty may lead to stressful situations that we are already dealing with. The unfortunate thing is, stress can also hurt our overall health system and if we are not able to control the stress successfully, it is going to end up controlling us. One way in which we may notice differences is with hypertension.

Hypertension is not an uncommon problem and to tell you the truth, medical science is unable to really determine why it is the people have high blood pressure in the first place. It is only in about five to 10% of all cases of high blood pressure that an underlying cause is able to be recognized. Even so, an individual with high blood pressure can notice significant differences in how their blood pressure is reacting as a result of the stress that is in their lives. It is important for you to understand the stress does not cause high blood pressure, it merely aggravates and triggers the situation. Even so, reducing your stress can reduce your blood pressure significantly so it is worth looking into.

The unfortunate thing is, the reduction of stress is not always going to be an easy thing and in many cases, it might be next to impossible. All of us lead stressful lives and we may find that the stress is unable to be reduced significantly. If that is the case with you, it may just be necessary for you to be able to cope with the stress a little better and to overcome it whenever possible. This can be done through various coping techniques, along with meditation and relaxation.

One final thing that you may want to do is to lead as healthy of a life as possible. Making sure that you get enough exercise, eat the right types of foods and get significant sleep at night are all going to help you to reduce your blood pressure and your stress level significantly. It may take a little bit of a reworking of your schedule in order to do so but the health benefits that you will receive will make it worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would blood pressure be high at night?

When you don’t sleep well, your blood pressure level rise as the body couldn’t function properly. Several researchers in this topic found that there’s a correlation between lack of sleep and high blood pressure condition. During your sleep your mind and your body rest, this improves your health and mental benefits.

What side do you lay on if your blood pressure is high?

When your blood pressure level is high, try to sleep on the left side. This sleeping position relieves blood pressure in blood vessels, improves blood circulation and prevent high blood pressure.

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