How should I sleep if my back hurts?

How should I sleep if my back hurts

When you start to question “how should I sleep if my back hurts”, you have to pay attention to your back immediately. Back pain is a pain or discomfort that you feel in your back, or discomfort in the lower back area. It is an indication that there is something wrong with your back, usually it is related to musculoskeletal problems.

One of the most obvious natural treatments for back pain is also one of the most effective. Even if you are suffering from something as apparently serious as a slipped disc, it is quite likely that your medical practitioner will recommend flat bed rest as the first cause of treatment.

It is also likely that he or she will also prescribe inflammatory drugs and painkillers as well, but, as previously suggested, you probably don’t want to take these if you are looking for a natural cure for your back pain problems.  Moreover, the fact the bed rest is considered to be a practical treatment for such an apparently serious condition should give you some indication of how highly rated rest is as a back pain treatment, and there could be nothing more natural than rest.

Even if you have nothing more than a muscle strain, bed rest is a great way of reducing the severity of the pain, but you should not stay in bed for more than two or three days, because doing so can actually make the pain worse rather than better.

Knowing this, the next thing that you must know is that your choice of bed is an absolutely critical factor in how much back pain relief you will get from flat bed rest. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should invest in a bed that is described as having any particular medical properties, or as an orthopedic bed or mattress.

According to study, the majority of orthopedic mattresses are too hard, and as a result, only 6% of experts would recommend an orthopedic mattress to back pain sufferers.

How should I sleep if my back hurts (Top 5)

There are many simple lifestyle changes that you can make that will significantly reduce the chances of you ever suffering back pain during sleep in the future, and you should consider adopting these changes which are most appropriate to your current lifestyle or situation.

  1. Look for bed mattress that is firm and supportive
  2. Changing your bed more frequently
  3. Find the right pillow for your sleeping position
  4. Think about right sleeping position
  5. Start joining Yoga classes

What you are looking for is a bed mattress that is firm and supportive, as opposed to being hard. Furthermore, if you are a regular back pain sufferer, you should also consider changing your bed more frequently, because older beds and mattresses are less likely to give you the support and comfort that you need to alleviate or perhaps even get rid of your back condition.

There would also be an argument here for spending as much money as you can afford on your next bed if you are a constant back pain sufferer, because it does seem from all available research that sleeping in or on a high-quality bed can make a significant difference to your back pain problems.

Obviously, everyone who suffers a back pain condition has a slightly different problem and therefore there is not one ideal sleeping solution that covers every back pain sufferer. For this reason, you must be willing to do a little research when you buy your next bed. That bed could be the difference between your continuing to suffer back problems for as long as you sleep in it, or solving your problems in a matter of weeks.

Find beds that seem to have the appropriate degree of firmness and support, and test every one for at least 10 minutes in your normal sleeping position. Do this and your back will very soon tell you whether you are looking at the right bed or not!

Is the bed the right height for you to get in and out without any back pain or discomfort? If it is so low or so high that entry and exit are likely to exacerbate your back problems, you should move on to the next option immediately.

Buy as big a bed as you can afford, particularly if there are two people going to share it. This ensures that you or both of you have plenty of room to move, which should help with a good night’s sleep.

Do take time to consider the pillows that you use, and how many of them you generally sleep with. If your pillows are too high, they could significantly alter the shape and angle of your body during sleep, and if your shape is not good, this could offset the benefits that you hope to gain by getting a new bed in the first place.

Also, think about your individual sleeping position, and try to find one that appears to put the least strain on your back.

Start joining Yoga classes (some are even free to join online) because there is no doubt whatsoever that doing so will significantly help to deal with your back pain. In addition, you will gain the extra strength and flexibility that you would naturally acquire by practicing yoga would almost certainly mean that your back pain problems would become a thing of the past.

But if you have tried everything and it didn’t work out for you. You may need a back pain solution that helped a 73-year-old grandma, who’s been suffering from back pain for decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you ever feel a signals that fire from your brain to your spine or any part of your body, this can cause sleep disorders and insomnia. Any pain in your body can interrupt sleep cycle and may worsen your health conditions.

How do you sleep with nerve pain in your back?

When you feel the nerve pain in your back, try to sleep with your knees up as it help reduce the pain on your nerve. You can also change your sleep position to lie on your back and bend your knees up. Consult your doctor if the pain worsen your health.

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