How do you sleep with PMS? and Top 5 PMS Insomnia Remedy

PMS Insomnia

Many women suffer dramatic mood changes during the early part of undergoing the menopause, primarily because they are suffering a degree of difficulty with Pre Menstrual Syndrome or PMS. You can sleep with PMS if you know how to manage your emotion and balance your hormone. The mood changes are caused because of the drops in estrogen levels. Estrogen influences the amount of serotonin(sleep hormone) produced in the body which leads to sleep disorders.

Even mood swings and depression lead to sleeping problems. However, you have to ensure that you get sufficient sleep because inadequate sleep often leads to increased irritability during daytime. 

 How do you sleep with PMS?

There are many ways to deal with sleep issues and PMS problems. You can go for lifestyle changes including regular exercise, avoiding stimulants like nicotine and alcohol and opting for a healthy diet or hormone therapy which will help you to deal with menopause. 

You can go for yoga which is very good for your health. Another very good thing to do is to practice Tai Chi. Tai Chi is very effective and many women during menopause have received immense benefits from doing this. You can make changes in your diet like incorporating more calcium, complex carbohydrates and having multiple meals. Taking pills can help you only for a short period of time. Changing your habit will worth your time and health in the long run.

Top 5 PMS Insomnia Remedy

  1. Yoga. Exercise is absolutely essential to keep a woman healthy during her PMS. Although there are many kinds of exercises that you can go for, yoga happens to be a great option because it keeps both your body and your mind healthy. When your body is healthy and mind is at peace, you can sleep better and feel better. There are millions of women who have enjoyed great results by resorting to yoga during PMS. It helps keep the body fit and the mind calm. In order to learn yoga, you might choose to enroll in a class, or you can use one of the many websites where you can learn the basics from the Internet in the comfort of your own home. Try Yoga kickstart class for free here.
  2. Meditation. Meditation happens to be one of the best things for women during the various stages of PMS and menopause. Originally a technique to preserve physical and mental well being in the East, meditation has now touched millions of lives even in the Western world. More and more people have accepted meditation as a part of their lives because it has so many wonderful effects, including improving concentration, sharpening memory, reducing depression etc. 
  3. Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a natural way of keeping your mind and body in good health. By using natural essential oils and flowers, aromatherapy attempts to positively affect your health, and it can often to do so in a particularly beneficial way. 
  4. Herbal Decaffeinate Tea. Tea has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. It is known for its healing ability and is popular for this reason in many cultures of the world. The first pain relief tea based concoction or solution was made from willow bark many years ago. Here is top 10 Bedtime Tea that help with PMS and sleep.
  5. Good Food. A good diet will actually be able to keep health problems like weight gain, stroke and cardiac arrests at bay. And as previously mentioned, in addition to following a well controlled and balanced diet, it is imperative that any woman who is facing up to going through the menopause must do everything they can to keep themselves fit and active. 
    • Food full of calcium, lean proteins, adequate vitamins and minerals should be consumed. You must also eat fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains
    • You should avoid things like alcohol, caffeine, sugar, processed foods, edamame (soybeans), soya based products like tofu and salt. 
    • You should include vitamin and supplements like B-12, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, C, D, and E, fiber, zinc, isoflavones and phytoestrogens. Skimmed or fat-free milk is a must. You should also include leafy green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and kale. Yogurt and cottage cheese should be taken as well. 
    • You can also eat whole-wheat bread and cereals. Finally, you can top it all off with a handful of delicious dessert that shall include berries and other fruits. 

Whichever way you look at it, going through the PMS is a tough time for every woman. You will need constant support but no one will be able to help you until you decide to help yourself. You have to take care of your own body, pamper it, and look after it like it has looked after you all this while. If you still wonder Why do I have Insomnia before my period? and How to beat PMS Insomnia.

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