Does room temperature affect sleep? [Perfect Insomnia Room Temperature]

Insomnia Room Temperature

Defeat your insomnia once and for all by changing your room temperature. As your bedroom temperature affect sleep, you should set it around 20 degree Celsius or 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. Sleeping is cool temperature helps your body to comfortably drift off with a pleasant deep sleep.

A lot of new couple face challenges during their sleep if one of you snores or moves frequently at night. However you can sleep better than ever before by changing the room temperature. According to research, the average normal body temperature is generally accepted as 98.6°Fahrenheit or 37°Celsius. When the body temperature decreases, you can fall asleep faster.

Remember in the movie when the lead actor say to his sweetheart while they’re locked in the cold place somewhere, “Don’t sleep because you will die.” Your organs can’t function properly when your body temperature drops into hyperthermia stage. This can lead to heart failure and death.

However maintaining the room temperature in the cool level of 20 degree Celsius or 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit can alter your body’s melatonin levels so that you sleep earlier, wake up refreshed and feeling well rested.

Not only sleeping is a cool temperature room help with your sleep cycle, it also help dealing with your stress. When your body temperature drops, you become less frustrated and your stress hormone decreases. As stress and Anxiety can change your blood circulation and heart rate. When someone make your blood boil, it certainly affect the rise in your body temperature.

Doze off to a good night sleep every night by changing your room temperature to 20 degree Celsius or 60-67degree Fahrenheit. This is advisable if you want to fall asleep faster, wake up smoother and feel more relaxed.

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