What warrior lifestyle tell us about rules for quality sleep proven by ancient history

warrior sleep

Spartan Lifestyle does not only includes extreme exercise habits and living in the wild. Your body also required a good night sleep. Recovery take place during deep sleep cycle. Because you train hard, your body need a good rest so that it can adapt and recover.

Sleep is another important aspect of our life and it is essential element for proper and healthy life. Normally it is said that 7 hours of sleep in a day is enough for a healthy person but you can certainly increase it. Some people have this problem of getting less sleep and this condition is called insomnia. It can be temporary problem or it can be long lasting. In both situations, it is very dangerous. There are certain things which you can do to avoid this situation.  When going to war all you need is a sharp mind and strong physical body, sleep is essential to accomplish it.

  1. Darkness is your friend– You need to make sure that your bedroom is appealing enough to attract your attention and get you to sleep. Darkness sends a signal to your body clock that it is time to sleep. Your biological mechanism that regulates the sleep and wake cycle, therefore you get enough rest and awake refreshed.
  2. Keep Bed Just For Sleeping– You need to make sure that your bed is just for sleeping because I have seen people who use their bed for reading, watching TV and other activities but this should be avoided and you need to make sure that your bed is just for sleeping and even if you use your bed for reading then, read only pleasure books which can help you to get some sleep. 
  3. Establish a Regular Sleep Cycle-Some people have this habit of sleeping and getting up at random times but you should adopt and practice regular sleep cycle. This will take some time to adjust but once you try to sleep and wake up at fixed time then, the internal clock of your body will adjust itself to that time and will become sleepy at certain times. 
  4. Watch Your Weekend Routine Closely -This is another thing which can add some sleep to your life or it can make things worse. Some people have this habit of getting up late at weekends and also sleeping late. This disturbs the whole routine of the week. You need to check your alcohol and caffeine intakes throughout the week. If you have been experiencing some sleeping disorder then, you should closely check the caffeine intakes and limit them as much as possible. 
  5. Some Other Common Routines to Make Sleep Better -You should make sure that you have some exercise routine during the day and read before bed. Some prefer meditation to calm their mind and body.
  6. Eat Light– Always avoid that. Try to keep your evening meals light and take some light salad with your dinner. This will ensure that you are not overeating and will increase your sleep. Get rid of all your office work, family thoughts and other tensions before bed. These are all distractions which can give you trouble in sleep. 
  7. Select right mattress– Your mattress should be comfortable and firm so as to provide you with sufficient spinal support. It should be free of lumps and bumps. Make sure that the bed is big enough for your stature. If you have been sleeping on a single mattress and find that you are needing more space you may want to consider purchasing a double or a queen size mattress.
  8. Sleep position– Find a favorite position to fall asleep in, whether it is on your back, stomach, or on your side. Stick to this position when you first get into bed so that your consciousness is convinced that it is time for sleep.

A good idea is to keep track of your sleeping habits using a sleep log to record bedtime, wake time and any details regarding your sleeping patterns and the techniques you have used to aid in the sleep process on any given night.

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