4 Stress Relief Drinks that help you sleep better

What can I drink to calm my nerves?

It would be great if I can take the stress relief drinks and go to bed without over thinking things and calm my nerves, turn out there are some good stress relief drinks. Almost everyone adult and child alike has experienced bouts of stress at various points in their daily life. For most, this is taken in stride until it is no longer possible to do so, and when this happens it almost always affects the health conditions. 

What can I drink to calm my nerves?

Fruit and vegetable juices have long been known for their stress relief and relaxation properties. Therefore taking the time to explore this healthy alternative to popping pill to relieve stress is certainly worth the effort. Find out about 4 Stress Relief Drinks that help you sleep better today.

What can I drink to calm my nerves?
What can I drink to calm my nerves?-insomniasign.com
  1. Boost Juice consists of apple, cherry and blueberry. This drink has been known to be good health boosting elements where the flavonoid can facilitate better lung functions and with this optimum breathing position the ideal amounts of oxygen is then able to be circulated well with the body system thus relieving any internal pressures felt when stress levels are high and this eventually helps to lower the stress levels. 
  2. Banana Strawberry Smoothies. These ingredients can also contribute to relaxing the arteries and lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases which are often caused by stress. You can also add peppermint and lemon which help to relieve stress and create the relaxing overall body feeling. Bananas would contribute to stress relief properties while the peppermint which contains menthol will have a cooling effect on the body while the others will help in digestion, thus creating an overall effect that will combat any significant presence of stress.  
  3. Milk. You may wonder does milk help stress? Milk has a protein called lactium. It helps fight stress and has wonderful calming effect on your body. Not only it balances the cortisol levels, it also lowers blood pressure. You can sink into your sleepiness in 1 hour after drinking a glass of warm milk. Find out how.
  4. Citrus fruit, including oranges, grapefruit juice can give you enough vitamin C. Research studies show that it reduces stress level and boost antioxidant which keeps your immune system in check. When the adrenaline levels increase the body requires more vitamin C and as this cannot be naturally conjured by the human body there is a need to have this supplemented for outside sources, thus the advantage of the afore mentioned ingredients. 

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