How do you know if your really stressed? 10 signs of stress that cause your Insomnia.

stress insomnia

When can we say that our stress level is already too high? How do you know if your really stressed? Here are ten warning signs of stress overload that you should take proper consideration. Read through the list and see if you are experiencing such in your daily life. You can say that it’s already too much when you face certain conditions as below.

Stress Test for Insomniac
  1. Sudden Anger-You  experience  sudden  anger.  Have  you  noticed  when  you easily get angry and lash out the people near you like your partner, co-worker, friends or family members? If this is happening to you with no apparent reason, beware. You might be experiencing stress overload without you knowing it.
  2. Feel Burdened– You are feeling beaten even with small things you do in your life. If you feel quite burdened by your normal routine and you are having that feeling of wanting to just go away and leave it all behind, you are overly stressed.
  3. Worry a lot-You worry too much without significant reason. If you find that you  are  worrying  too  much  for  almost  the  entire  day,  you  have reached your limit of stress.
  4. Depressed-You are feeling depressed and unmotivated to work. If what interested  you  before  doesn’t  interest  you  anymore.  Or  when  you don’t feel excited to do the things you used to do before for pleasure.
  5. Exhausted-You easily get exhausted and despite being tired you find it hard to sleep because your mind is still thinking about so many concerns keeping you wide awake the whole night.
  6. Sick Easily– You are suffering from constant colds and when somebody else is having colds or fevers you easily catch the virus and your recovery is slower than usual.
  7. Can’t focus– You  find  it  hard  to  concentrate  as  your  mental  capacity  is deteriorating. Your memory is also fading making you forget even the thing you are doing just a while ago.
  8. Mood Swings-You are having mood swings. From happy to being sad to the point that you just want to burst out with tears for no reason at all.
  9. Look Like Crap-You are starting to care less about yourself, your appearance, your relationship and your environment. It doesn’t matter anymore if you don’t brush your hair or say I love you to your partner like you always do.
  10. Busy at all times-You always lack time, like some evil took half of your day.

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