Is Melatonin Safe?

Is Melatonin Safe? is probably every Insomniac FAQ. If you are having a difficult time sleeping at night, you probably have heard from one person or another that you should be taking melatonin. The fact of the matter is, melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that does help to regulate our sleep in many different ways. If your body is not producing this hormone in proper amounts, you may have a difficult time falling and staying asleep. This can lead to insomnia like symptoms that are difficult to shake. You have the choice of either building up melatonin in your body naturally or taking it as a supplement. Which of these will help you to sleep the best?

First of all, let’s see why melatonin can help you to lose your insomnia. First of all, melatonin synchronizes our biological clock and it helps us to sleep at night as well as being awake during the day. This is probably why it is usually taken for jet lag. It is also an extremely powerful antioxidant that releases many of the free radicals from our body. It is also thought that melatonin helps us to reach deep, REM sleep which is when our bodies are really rejuvenating themselves.

Melatonin is produced naturally in the body by the pineal gland in the brain and is triggered by the amino acid, tryptophan. Helping this gland to work properly is one way that you are able to allow your body to produce melatonin naturally. One way that you can do this is by drinking warm milk since it contains tryptophan. You may also want to try to balance your body through cleansing and eating properly.

Supplementing with melatonin is relatively easy to do and many of the supplements that are available are 100% natural. All that is necessary for you to do is to take one of the supplement pills about one hour prior to that time. Many people experience help with their insomnia whenever they take this natural supplement.

While it is possible for you to get the melatonin in either way, I always find that it is a better idea to allow your body to produce it naturally. Once you get your body able to produce this vital hormone in the levels that it needs, you should see a dramatic increase in the amount of sleep that you’re getting. Not only will you sleep more, but you will sleep better which can help you to wake feeling rested.

If you considering to try Melatonin in either way, research more about it below.

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