Can eating late at night cause insomnia?

midnight snack

There are a lot of different problems that may be behind the insomnia that we are dealing with. For some of us, it is a matter of having to deal with stress in various areas of our life. This is especially true if we have a stressful job and worrying about it while we are laying in bed can make sleeping almost impossible. There may be something more to our insomnia, however, other than the stress that we are feeling.Can eating late at night cause insomnia? Yes, you may be experiencing sleep problems because you are snacking late at night.

There are a lot of us that have a snack at night, even if we don’t snack during the day. For some reason, it becomes a habit for us to need to have something to munch on whenever we are watching TV before bedtime. Although it does not necessarily hurt if we make wise choices as far as the sugar and fat content of the food that we eat before bedtime, it can also cause a problem with insomnia. If you are dealing with sleeplessness at night, this may be one of the first places that you look for a solution.

One of the biggest culprits of causing us to stay up at night is sugar. Unfortunately, many of us tend to feed on sugary snacks before we go to bed, such as cookies, cakes and candy. What the sugar is giving us, is a false sense of sleepiness. Because these items tend to be high glycemic, they release the sugar into our bloodstream rather quickly. In response to the excess sugar, our pancreas will produce additional insulin and dump it into our bloodstream as well. Unfortunately, this causes an initial lethargic reaction in many of us. We end up falling asleep as a result of the sugar but that sleep is far too often short-lived.

What is the healthiest late night snack?

If you must snack at night, you need to start making better food choices if you’re going to cure your insomnia. Make sure that anything you eat is going to be easily digested and light. Your best choice is going to be some kind of a raw fruit or vegetable, particularly one that isn’t high in sugar. This will allow your body to digest it quickly so that it is not going through the digestive process while you’re trying to sleep. You might be surprised to find out that making this one change is going to make a large difference in your sleep pattern.

What can you eat before bed to help you sleep?

If it’s difficult for you to sleep at night, you can ear banana before bed to help you sleep better. Banana is good for sleep,since it’s rich in magnesium and has serotonin, support sleep hormone. Warm milk with honey also helps you sleep and if you need something crunchy, try almond.

Try this below Menus before bed to help you sleep.

warm milk before bed

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Lavender Tea

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