Can thyroid problems cause insomnia?

thyroid insomnia

Wonder if your thyroid problem cause Insomnia. There is a little gland in the area of your neck that controls so much of your body that it has often been called the rudder which steers it. If you are having a difficult time with the thyroid gland, it can cause a number of different problems. One of the main problems that is indicative of thyroid problems is insomnia.

There are several different things that can go wrong with the thyroid gland, all of which lead to insomnia.

What are the two types of thyroid problems?

  1. Hypothyroidism is whenever the thyroid gland is operating slowly. This causes problems such as weight gain, a general sense of uneasiness and insomnia.
  2. Hyperthyroidism is exactly the opposite because it is when our thyroid is running at top speed. This can cause weight loss in us but it also causes insomnia for many of us as well.

Hashimoto’s disease is not really a problem with the thyroid but it is tumors that grow on the thyroid gland, restricting its operation. This also causes insomnia in many cases.

In order for you to overcome this problem, you really need to get your thyroid back into working order again. Your doctor is typically going to want to put you on some kind of a prescription, such as Synthroid. This can help you get your thyroid numbers back into shape but you may also be able to get them there yourself through eating the proper diet and supplementing with iodine. Although you still should seek out medical advice, regardless if you’re trying to do it naturally or not, many people have seen amazing results in changing their lifestyle.

If you are able to get your thyroid back in working order again, you’re going to notice a lot of differences in your body. As thyroid problems cause insomnia, one of the main things that you will notice after solving your thyroid issues, is that you will begin sleeping again, just as you should. Not only that, you will have a general sense of well-being that will show in every aspect of your life and your body will be back into the balance that it needs to be in.


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