How do you calm down from a panic attack at night?

Panic Attack at night

Most of the people think that panic attacks occur so suddenly that they cannot recognize their severances as well as any of their symptoms. This is true to some extent because mostly panic attacks occur without any prior warning but there are some prior symptoms which can always tell you about your state of mind and also some symptoms are such which can demonstrate the right way of reacting to these panic attacks and in this discussion, I am going to tell you about those symptoms and how do you calm down from a panic attack at night. 

First you have to recognize the symptoms of panic attack like breathing disorder. A panic attack is nothing more than an emergency alarm of your body which is set to on by your rain. When you observe your breathing then, you will know that there are two things involved in breathing which are brain and lungs. You will hear a lot about air sacs, diaphragm and other similar parts of breathing system but the most important thing is central respiratory control system which is controlled by brain. Your brain is constantly observing the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide. 

If the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide goes upside down then, your brain will trigger the emergency alarm. It may happen that brain tries to control this disorder in some way but if he does not succeed then, triggering the panic attack will be the only way. So if you keep an eye on your breathing system, you can tell that you are undergoing a panic attack. 

Other than uncomfortable breathing, you can also have some prior body sensations which can tell you that you are about to have a panic attack. These body sensations can include Palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate, chest pain and others. All of these will occur without a reason and you may sweat without hot weather. 

You can feel numbness in some parts of your body and similar other gestures. All of these are controlled by brain and when you experience troubles then, you should know that brain has gone onto emergency plan and everything is becoming faulty. 

Another very important and noticeable body sensation is less sleep because people who suffer through panic attacks often start to have less sleep which is also an important factor for determining the mental state of that person. Sleep has direct connection with your brain and without a peaceful brain you can never have a sound sleep. People often suffer through insomnia while suffering from panic attacks and they suffer severe kind of sleeping disorder. 

How do you calm down from a panic attack at night?

Relaxation techniques are a known method to treat panic disorder and these techniques are being used throughout the world. People have different opinions about these techniques but now days, as depression and mental disorders have increased, people have started to trust these techniques as an effective method to heal and help people in their mental disorders.  

  1. Quick Relaxation. Get your toe muscles tight and hold them in tight position for 10 seconds then, release them and you will experience a great sense of relaxation in your whole body. You can do this with all the other muscles of your body too because getting muscles in tension and then releasing that tension feels very relaxing and soothing for your whole body. Deep and slow breathing during this muscle relaxation is also helpful.  
  2. Meditate Your Thoughts. When people hear the word meditation then, they normally think that it will include some long and tiring exercise in which they have to sit and practice some unique exercise. This is not the proper mediation instead according to a certified physician the definition of meditation is stated as “Any repetitive action can be source of meditation”. From this definition, it is evident that all the techniques like swimming, painting knitting and others can be a source of meditation for a particular person. In more brief way, you can say that any action which can keep your mind and thoughts in present is taken as meditation. 
  3. Your Surrounding Environment Matters. Set your bedroom right. The environment in which you live has a very important role to play in making your thoughts positive and negative. Consciously, you cannot realize the difference between environments but you must have observed that it is easier to relax in certain parts of the house for example you may feel more relaxed in TV lounge than in your bedroom. This can happen and you need to find that perfect corner of your house to relax where your body and mind can synchronize effectively. If you feel comfortable in certain set of accessories then, you should equip your bedroom with those and make sure that when you relax then, it is 100 percent relaxing and your mind is not distracted anywhere. 

Relaxation is about finding time to relax your mind during the usual activities throughout the day. Relaxing allows you to work with greater concentration and keeps your mind fresh.

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