3 Panic Attack symptoms that cause insomnia

Panic attack symptoms

Most of the people think that panic attacks occur so suddenly that they cannot recognize their severances as well as any of their symptoms. This is true to some extent because mostly panic attacks occur without any prior warning but there are some prior symptoms that can always tell you about your state of mind. People often suffer through insomnia while suffering from panic attacks and they suffer severe kind of sleeping disorder. 

Here are 3 Panic Attack symptoms that cause insomnia

  1. Breath Inconsistency

First and most obvious symptoms of panic attack can be breathing disorder. A panic attack is nothing more than an emergency alarm of your body which is set to on by your rain. When you observe your breathing then, you will know that there are two things involved in breathing which are brain and lungs. You will hear a lot about air sacs, diaphragm and other similar parts  of   breathing  system  but  the   most  important  thing  is   central respiratory  control  system  which  is  controlled  by  brain.  Your  brain  is constantly observing the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

If the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide goes upside down then, your brain will trigger the emergency alarm. It may happen that brain tries to control this disorder in some way but if he does not succeed then, triggering the panic attack will be the only way. So if you keep an eye on your breathing system, you can tell that you are undergoing a panic attack.

2. Uncomfortable Body Sensations

Other than uncomfortable breathing, you can also have some prior body sensations which can tell you that you are about to have a panic attack. These  body  sensations  can  include  Palpitations,  pounding  heart,  or accelerated heart rate, chest pain and others. All of these will occur without a reason and you may sweat without hot weather.

You  can  feel  numbness  in  some  parts  of  your  body  and  similar  other gestures. All of these are controlled by brain and when you experience troubles then, you should know that brain has gone onto emergency plan and everything is becoming faulty.

Another very important and noticeable body sensation is less sleep because people who suffer through panic attacks often start to have less sleep which is also an important factor for determining the mental state of that person. Sleep has direct connection with your brain and without a peaceful brain you can never have a sound sleep.

3. Catastrophic Thoughts

These thoughts can come in your mind at any time and you will think like I am close to dying or I am losing my mind and similar other thoughts. These thoughts are so dangerous and powerful that they can make a person to commit suicide.  You  need  to  analyze  yourself  completely regularly and

make sure that you are not experiencing these thoughts at all because if you are experiencing them then, you should look for a way to control them as soon as possible. 

These are very general symptoms of panic attacks that cause sleep disorders and you can identify them within yourself. It may be difficult at times to identify them and especially identify them before time but with some increased concentration and mind control you can successfully do that and once you start identifying the symptoms then, the rest of the procedure becomes easy and that is to cure these symptoms. 

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