Does Self-Sabotage cause your insomnia? 10 ways to battle self-sabotage.


Among the greatest obstructions on the road to happiness is self-sabotage and not letting go. Sometimes you toss and turn in bed, can’t get to sleep and you wonder how can I force myself to sleep.

Self-sabotage happens when you recognize what you wish to accomplish but somehow, you act in a way that moves you away from your goal rather than towards it. A basic illustration is attempting to follow a diet and then countermining your efforts by eating too much chocolate, cake, ice cream, and so forth.

The mystery to eliminating self sabotage is to comprehend this crucial fact: Self sabotage happens when a short-run craving overrules your long-run desire to accomplish your aspiration. Envisage that you’re standing between 2 big magnets. On one side is your aspiration, and on the other is an enticement that guides to self sabotage. In order to reject the attractiveness of the short-run enticement and avoid self sabotage, you have to increase the pulling power of your aspiration.

Here are 10 ways to inspire your aspiration in order to battle self-sabotage:

  1. Put an image of your dream on the ceiling above your bed so that you view it each morning and each evening prior to you going to sleep.
  2. Put an image of your aspiration on the back of your bathroom doorway.
  3. Carry an image of your aspiration in your billfold or purse.
  4. Place an image of your aspiration wherever you’re most likely to be enticed. For instance, put an image of your skinny dress on the fridge door.
  5. Utilize the might of public pressure and tell individuals about your aspiration. The more you discuss it with other people, the stronger your aspiration becomes.
  6. Hook up with an ‘aspiration buddy’ – Team up with somebody who shares your aspiration and make an allegiance to one another to make your aspiration a truth.
  7. Link up with a support group – discover a net support group and work with other people to produce an encouraging and supportive ambiance.
  8. Maintain a diary – Record your experiences in a diary or a blog. The more you compose, the firmer your aspiration becomes.
  9. Affiliate your aspiration with a song that you discover especially inspirational. When you’re charmed to give in to temptation, mind your song to rekindle your passion for your aspiration.
  10. When you’re face-to-face with enticement, ask yourself what you truly want. For instance, “What do I wish more, this sweet or to fit into my recently purchased dress?”

As you are able to see, all these methods are ways to step-up your level of centering on your desired final result. The more you center on your aspiration, the stronger it gets. And the stronger the pull of your ambition, the less likely you’ll be to give in to self sabotage.

Activity tips:

  1. Comprehend that self-sabotage happens not because you’re fallible, but instead because your aspiration is weak.
  2. Take action and utilize the methods listed above to beef up the pulling power of your aspiration in order to prevent self sabotage.

I’m certain you’ve heard the saying that, “When one door shuts, a different opens” This saying is truthful, but it comes with a secret catch …What this means in  real life is that when we linger over things that didn’t work out, we may frequently miss out on fresh opportunities that are awaiting us.

For instance, envisage that you worked hard on a deal only to determine that matters didn’t figure out the way you expected. If you carry on to center on the state of affairs rather than letting it go, you might miss fresh business opportunities that are awaiting you.

Likewise, when a relationship ends, we may get so caught up in examining what failed that we may miss the chance to develop fresh relationships. Naturally letting go is simpler said than done. When a door shuts on part of our life it’s natural to feel distressed and frustrated.

As you overpower these feelings it’s crucial to discover the courage to let go of the shut door in order to determine the fresh door that’s awaiting you.

The next time you are faced with a closed door:

  1. Provide yourself time to recuperate and find your footing.
  2. Arrive at the decision to let go of the shut door.
  3. Start to seek the fresh door that will lead to the future that’s awaiting you.

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