3 Best Scents for better sleep

With these 3 relaxing scents, you will sleep better. To sleep better, you have to make the place you stay conducive to sleep, you will of course need to keep your room clean – it is a must if you are looking forward to a restful night. In the first instance, removing clutter is very important, but you should also look at keeping your room dust free and smelling fresh. Sheets must be changed at least once a week and this includes other bedding items like blankets and towels.

In some older houses, even though a fresh coat of paint has been applied, a faint musty smell will still be there. Go for air fresheners or scent bags that you can place around your room. Scents like chamomile and lavender exude calmness, which can help you get to sleep.

Scents of many different types can help you sleep more soundly. Below is 3 Best Scents for better sleep that you can use alongside the healing properties they are said to contain.

•  Chamomile (which is the most popular) has been used for a long time as a natural remedy for encouraging better sleep. As chamomile also comes in the form of tea leaves, you can place the leaves in a sachet under your pillow to ensure the scent stays within your sleeping area throughout the night.

  1. Lavender has similar characteristics to chamomile and is also said to relax the muscles and the central nervous system. This produces a calming effect.
  2. Valerian Root was very popular even in the 16th Century for treating headaches, nervousness and heart problems. In recent years, it has also been used to treat anxiety. Unlike chamomile or lavender which gives you almost instant results in improving your sleep quality, Valerian Root needs to be used on a regular basis to induce better sleep.
  3. Kava most commonly comes in the form of tea leaves, pills or spray. It is known to produce a numbing effect on the tongue which eventually leads to a calming and relaxing sensation throughout the body.

Alternatively, using the scents listed above as a general guide, burn aromatherapy oils in your room an hour or so before you go to bed. This way, you can blow out the candle before turning in and the smell itself will not be so strong or suffocating that you are unable to sleep.

There are likely be shops in your locality that can supply the necessary aromatherapy oils and/or candles. If you find oil burners exude too strong a smell, you can choose incense sticks, which give off less smell but keep your room ‘smelling’ of calmness.

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