What is the difference between REM sleep and non REM sleep?

Sleep is triggered by a group of hormones in the body. These hormones react to cues within the body and in the environment. There is an approximate 80 percent of sleep time without dreams. This stage of dreamless sleep is referred to as NREM which stands for non-rapid eye movement. Dreams occur primarily during rapidContinue reading “What is the difference between REM sleep and non REM sleep?”

Can high blood pressure give you insomnia?

Check these boxes if you have Severe headache, chest pain, unusual heartbeat. Sad news everyone – if you have symptoms above and find it difficult to sleep or can’t sleep well at night, scientists have discovered that High Blood Pressure is usually caused by Insomnia. If there is one thing that many of us have toContinue reading “Can high blood pressure give you insomnia?”

Is honey good for Insomnia?

Give yourself the perfect sleep and relaxation with some honey. Over the years honey has been proven to the one sustaining power behind the deep sleep. If you heard any Insomniac friends ask “Is honey is good for Insomnia?”, tell them Yes!. Honey has sleep-induced amino acid called tryptophan which makes you feel relaxed. ItContinue reading “Is honey good for Insomnia?”

Why do I have Insomnia before my period? and How to beat PMS Insomnia.

Don’t let your that time of the month bring you down. With Insomnia that colours your mood and given you insomnia a week before your period, this condition has its own reason. For most women who suffer PMS (premenstrual tension), the condition usually sets in between seven and fourteen days before the beginning of theContinue reading “Why do I have Insomnia before my period? and How to beat PMS Insomnia.”

5 Simple Techniques to Bedtime Meditation

Achieve your inner piece from the comfort of home with Best Bedtime Meditation. Some people believe that meditation is only a form of worship in some religion, but it’s actually benefit everyone with worries or with a monkey mind. During Bedtime Meditation, you can calm your mind&body before bed, be at peace, and connect. WhatContinue reading “5 Simple Techniques to Bedtime Meditation”

What can a Sleep Study diagnose?

Sleep studies are normally performed in a sleep center or a sleep lab.  This may or may not be in a hospital.  If the study is conducted in the sleep center, you may have an overnight stay.  However, this is not always etched in stone.  The good thing about sleep studies is you will notContinue reading “What can a Sleep Study diagnose?”

Do I have Insomnia or Anxiety? and How Insomnia develop?

Keep yourself from freaking out during stressful situations is one of the best skills you can have during this worst pandemic. You may want to look fresh to death but Insomnia and Anxiety won’t let you. Both conditions can be the cause of one another. If you struggle with anxiety, you will have Insomnia. SeriousContinue reading “Do I have Insomnia or Anxiety? and How Insomnia develop?”

How much Sleep do I need Quiz and Is 7 hours of Sleep enough?

Do you know that you spend 26 years sleeping throughout of average life time. Most people spend up to one third of their life asleep. In today’s non-stop world, it seems strange to sleep that much. There are so many things to do. Despite the fact that the pace of modern life can make aContinue reading “How much Sleep do I need Quiz and Is 7 hours of Sleep enough?”

What Hangover Insomnia tell us about why should you watch out what you consume

While it might seem easier to fix the external things that surround you, another lifestyle change that could be required is paying more attention to what goes inside you. Hangover Insomnia can easily cause yourself to pay attention on how do I have insomnia. Is it the whisky last night? I thought it help meContinue reading “What Hangover Insomnia tell us about why should you watch out what you consume”

Why do I have Insomnia after surgery?

Pain after surgery can generally be defined as an unpleasant feeling. This is normally transmitted to the brain through the neurotic system. Once pain experienced in any part of the body, the signals are transmitted to the brain and interpreted as pain. This is what creates the physical awareness of the feeling and causes theContinue reading “Why do I have Insomnia after surgery?”