How should I sleep if my back hurts?

When you start to question “how should I sleep if my back hurts”, you have to pay attention to your back immediately. Back pain is a pain or discomfort that you feel in your back, or discomfort in the lower back area. It is an indication that there is something wrong with your back, usuallyContinue reading “How should I sleep if my back hurts?”

What can a Sleep Study diagnose?

Sleep studies are normally performed in a sleep center or a sleep lab.  This may or may not be in a hospital.  If the study is conducted in the sleep center, you may have an overnight stay.  However, this is not always etched in stone.  The good thing about sleep studies is you will notContinue reading “What can a Sleep Study diagnose?”

How much Sleep do I need Quiz and Is 7 hours of Sleep enough?

Do you know that you spend 26 years sleeping throughout of average life time. Most people spend up to one third of their life asleep. In today‚Äôs non-stop world, it seems strange to sleep that much. There are so many things to do. Despite the fact that the pace of modern life can make aContinue reading “How much Sleep do I need Quiz and Is 7 hours of Sleep enough?”

Afraid of Needles? Sleep Doctor ask Can Acupuncture help sleep problems? or is it a scam

There are a lot of different things that we can do in order to help us to fall asleep fast at night. There may be times, however, whenever we need to seek some professional help because we are simply unable to relax enough to drift off to sleep. If it is necessary for us toContinue reading “Afraid of Needles? Sleep Doctor ask Can Acupuncture help sleep problems? or is it a scam”

Top 10 Tips: How do I get rid of insomnia headache?

Most headaches are preventable. Even though the lack of sleep can trigger headaches and migraines, there is no need to endure the pain when you really have an option. Follow the tips given below and you will be amazed to find that there are ways to get rid of insomnia headache. Top 10 tips toContinue reading “Top 10 Tips: How do I get rid of insomnia headache?”

Will Insomnia kill you?

“What doesn’t kill you make you stronger”, is usually true but not with Insomnia. Just about everybody suffers from a lack of deep sleep at some point. The causes included jet lag, anxiousness, problems at work, mental illness. If you’re not getting enough sleep each night, you may in time have serious illness conditions becauseContinue reading “Will Insomnia kill you?”

Why sleep is important for productivity?

You might never have blundered so dramatically, but the odds are you’re not getting the 7 to 8 hours of nightly Sleep Experts agree you require. While a few high-achieving entrepreneurs boast of taking minimal sleep, research demonstrates that our sleep needs are astonishingly consistent. If you fail to get at least 7 nightly hours,Continue reading “Why sleep is important for productivity?”

Best Sing Me To Sleep Online Program

When you’re feeling blue, sing a song! Incidentally, did you ever observe that every major faith involves singing? Singing gets you taking a breath deeply and slowly, which are precisely the 2 correct characteristics that let proper gas exchange happen. Religions wish you to be content when you’re in your church service, mosque or temple,Continue reading “Best Sing Me To Sleep Online Program”

Which hormone is responsible for sleep and How can I increase my sleeping hormones

There are two sleeping hormones that make you fall asleep fast. It doesn’t matter what kind of a problem you are having, it is always a better idea if you can find a natural cure than trying to find one that is produced by a pharmaceutical pill. The reason why this is the case isContinue reading “Which hormone is responsible for sleep and How can I increase my sleeping hormones”

What Colors make you sleep better?

Have you ever heard of Chromatherapy? Color therapy or Chromatherapy is the use of color to promote general health and also to treat particular maladies (including but not limited to sleep disorders). Chromatherapy can be used to treat both emotional and physical sleep disturbances, and may involve exposure to colored lights, massages using colorsaturated oilsContinue reading “What Colors make you sleep better?”