Do I have Insomnia or Anxiety? and How Insomnia develop?

Keep yourself from freaking out during stressful situations is one of the best skills you can have during this worst pandemic. You may want to look fresh to death but Insomnia and Anxiety won’t let you. Both conditions can be the cause of one another. If you struggle with anxiety, you will have Insomnia. SeriousContinue reading “Do I have Insomnia or Anxiety? and How Insomnia develop?”

Why do I have Insomnia after surgery?

Pain after surgery can generally be defined as an unpleasant feeling. This is normally transmitted to the brain through the neurotic system. Once pain experienced in any part of the body, the signals are transmitted to the brain and interpreted as pain. This is what creates the physical awareness of the feeling and causes theContinue reading “Why do I have Insomnia after surgery?”